National Competition for the best packaging PRIZE PACK 2023

PrizePack_LogoP150Jubilee National Competition for the best packaging
for food and beverages Priz Pack 2023

The Food Processing Industry Magazine organizing the 15th National Competition for the best packaging for food and beverages Priz Pack 2023. All manufacturers in the sector are invited to take part in the competition with their packaging products currently present on Bulgarian food market.

 Categories of food packs for consumers’:
- Paper and cardboard
- Plastics and combined materials
- Metal boxes
- Glassware

The competition final and announcing the prize winners in different categories will take place during the fourteenth Scientific-Practical Conference: “Trends in food and beverage packaging – safety, quality, ecology and regulatory framework”. The competition winners will be allowed to have on their products/awarded articles a sign confirming the competition’s jury high appraisal.

The planet is suffocating from garbage!

The main part comes from the packaging. It is estimated that every minute of every day, about 15 tons of waste enter the seas and oceans, most of which is single-use plastics, that is, the huge some of them are from the food and beverage industry…

No comment!

That’s why we’ve been running this competition for 15 years now.

Get involved and help us run it on a level!

The final of the Prize Pack 2023 competition and the presentation of the prizes will be at the Inter Expo Center during the food fairs on November 8-11, 2023.
The award-winning packages will be displayed at the FPI magazine stand during the exhibitions.

For more details:
The FPI magazine: 1000-Sofia, 108 Rakovski Street, office 605; phone/fax: #359 2 9880589;
GSM: #359 884 646 919; e-mail:;